TTS&E 2019 City Tour

The Tourism Transport Summit & Expo 2019

The City Tour 


The City Tour took off on the 1st of May by 10: 19am, from the International Conference Center. The tour began with a drive through the Cultural mix, the National Mosque, National Christian Centre, National War (now, Defense) College, NNPC Towers, Millennium Park, Three Arm Zone, Eagle Square, Cenotaph

The Tour Guide, Abidemi, of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) told the tourist the stories behind each edifice, structure and monument. Questions were asked by curious participants from the explanations of the tourist guide.

After the drive through within the Central areas, the bus departed the Central mix to Aso Rock (the seat of Power) . We later went to the City Gate, driving through the National Stadium and the guide explained what the different structures where meant for. We stopped over at the City Gate and took some pictures and made video coverage.

The next stop was the Nike Art Gallery situated at Lugbe, from the entrance of the edifice which was flanged by the display of iron crafts, to the display of our African rich culture inside the galleria was breath taking. The Gallery guide and instructor was on point to guide us through the different art works seen in the gallery. Participants took pictures and interacted with numerous tourist who came visiting also. There were a number of art works displayed on sale and those that are for African Culture lessons and also others reserved for the beautification of the gallery.

The City Tour in an actual sense was an avenue and opportunity for participants of the summit and expo to get to know themselves better, because so many people became acquainted to participants they saw in a passing even at the summit for the 2 days.

There was light refreshment served on board as the tour guide guided through the sites. For sure, laughter, happiness and joy was not found wanting as we were on transit to and fro, which made one of the participants scream out, “ah! Are we back to the Conference centre” when we got back to our final destination, which was the International Conference Centre, were we took off from.

The tour ended at about 1:00pm. We got back to the Conference Centre to a warm welcome by the Chairman of the Main Organizing Committee, Chief AbiodunOdusanwo, who welcomed the participants back. He thanked and appreciated them for taking out time from their busy schedule to participate in the summit and tour, after which he handed each participant a certificate of participation in the International Tourism Transport Summit and Expo.

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